My name is Mélodie, I'm a filmmaker, a photographer and before all a story teller. ​ I joined the cinema school ESEC in 2002 in Paris where I specialized in directing. In 2005, I assisted Chantal Akerman in her video art projects and her documentary "Là-bas" shot in Israël. At the same time I got a masters degree in History of Cinema at the Sorbonne. In 2007, I directed my first short film "Zero Kilometre heure", which had a successful career in festivals. I also started to work as a script doctor and script reader for Carlito Films, Arimages and Outer space Production. I continued my career as a director for institutional, corporate films and interviews for companies such as Dior, Phytosun, Pathé, Hachette,etc... In 2016, I developed my career as a photographer in Berlin. Now in Tel Aviv, I photography people, couples, events, life.  My first feature film "Sunny side up" is in development.

You can also ping me @:  melodiegrumberg@gmail.com+972(0)54-974-2940

Thanks! Talk to you soon :)